Monday, November 23, 2015

Final post

It is no longer necessary to make additional posts as all material is now posted. (Remember these are gleanings from sermons preached over 35 years.)  You can find any Sunday in the three series church year in the Blog Archive.
Series A    2013- 2014
B    2014-2015
C    2012-2013

If you want to follow my new blog it is called “SPARK-IT” and is a shortened version of “Larry the Lutheran” with a picture to help capture the message.  A picture and quote is also put on Facebook to invite friends to read the Blog.

Here is the link:"SPARK-IT"

This has been a heart warming experience for me.  Thanks you to those who have responded to my postings.  I hope they have been helpful…not all that can be said by any means, for God’s Word is a living word and always has more to be said then has been said…we will never say all that needs to be said!  Having said that, I bid you farewell.  Keep living in God’s love and letting God’s love live in you!

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  1. I enjoyed all of your meditations. I am sorry you are not writing any more. God bless you.